Mediation is the most common method used among alternative dispute resolutions. Mediation is the most efficient alternative solution method which the parties can use to resolve the dispute with the help of an official and impartial third party holding the title of “Mediator” without going to court or through the guidance of the court. This method is a confidential, fast and free of expense method which the parties can withdraw in every phase and which they receive a document equivalent to a court decision at the end of the process when they reach to an agreement. In addition, the method involves many other advantages.

The Mediator aims to create an environment enabling the parties to re-negotiate and reach an agreement through convincing and suggestion method. The Mediator’s aim is not to resolve the dispute by making a decision. The basic principles of this method are “volunteering”, “equality”, “presence in person”, “party dominance” and “confidentiality”. Sırış Mediation Office provides mediation service in the most active way for its clients by bringing the parties together in order to negotiate on Private Law Disputes arising from works or transactions which the parties can take action freely including those holding element of foreignness and trying to make the parties understand each other and create solutions themselves and establish communication between them and makes the parties determine the real dispute and their benefits themselves and come to an agreement as playing an impartial role.

In order to fulfill the Mediator role in the most correct way, the founder of Sırış Mediation Office Lawyer Burcu SIRIŞ has completed the relevant trainings provided by Ankara Faculty of Law in the field of Labor Law and has become an expert mediator. Burcu SIRIŞ is carrying on activities within this field as an expert mediator.




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