The basic concepts of the Human Resources Policy of SIRIŞ Law and Mediation Office are;

• People-oriented progress
• Client satisfaction and reliable cooperation
• Ethical and moral values
• Social responsibility

The Human Resources Policy in SIRIŞ Law and Mediation Office;

Starts with the service quality and the quality of our team. For this reason, being aware that our team is our most valuable asset, we always want to work with our employees for long time and try to establish our relationships on permanent bases. Within this scope, as our aim is to employ talented, successful and hardworking people within our company and work with them for long time, we show ultimate attention when recruiting people.

As progressing through team spirit and synergy, we encourage our employees to improve themselves in social and cultural areas and educational activities and also support all kinds of initiatives aimed at these

In case there is no vacant position in the relevant fields in our office, the job applications are examined by our Human Resources Department and are evaluated with priority if a vacant position is available. Within this context, please send your job applications to info [at] sirishukuk.com together with a cover letter and detailed CV or send the below form by filling it completely.




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